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EST. SEPTEMBER 8th, 1997
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DVD Video - Disc Easter Eggs

Chicken Run (Special Edition)
Release Date: 11/21/2000

    Feature: Selecting any of these eggs bring up a different fact about the making of Chicken Run. The "fact" that is displayed seems to be random, as selecting the same egg several times in a row will bring up different facts.
    Procedure: In the Special Features menu of Chicken Run (Special Edition), it describes the Egg Hunt, and that 12 Easter eggs are hidden in the DVD menus. For the record, here is how to locate those 12 eggs:

    1) In the Scene Index, select Chapter 17, then press right woith your cursor.
    2) In the Subtitles menu, highlight "Off", then press down.
    3) In the Audio menu, highlight "2.0 Dolby Surround", then press down.
    4) In the Special Features menu, highlight "Main Menu", then press up.
    5) Under the Trailers & TV Spot special feature menu, highlight "Trailer 2", then press down.
    6) In the Production Notes, on page 5 (which begins with the words "them in a dramatic setting"), highlight "Back", then press right.
    7) In the Cast Bios, go to page 1 of Mel Gibson's bio, highlight "Forward", and press left.
    8) In the Cast Bios, go to page 2 of the bio for Tony Haygarth, highlight "Forward", and press left.
    9) In the Cast Bios, go to page 2 of the bio for Jane Horrocks, highlight "Back", and press right.
    10) In the Cast Bios, go to page 1 of the bio for Imelda Staunton, highlight "Forward", and press left.
    11) In the Crew Bios, go to page 1 of the bio for Dave Alex Riddett, highlight "Forward", and press left.
    12) In the Crew Bios, go to page 2 of the bio for Loyd Price (yes, Loyd only has one "L" in this case), highlight "Back", and press right.
    Submitted by: Robert Elliott
    Editor's Notes: Thanks for the detailed egg description, Robert!

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